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PBI has understood the importance of healthcare infrastructure to be developed in the Africa region. This Sector is not only lucrative for investment but at the same time, it's also a social obligation to provide state of art facilities to the Africans. In that Context, PBI reviewed the opportunity placed by its associate partner who has invested more than 4 years to identify the right locations for the need of hospitals, invested a sizeable amount of time & money for pre-feasibility & feasibility report on each location, made tie-ups with various operating partners, and incorporated support of key local partners and international best-in-class construction and healthcare management / operational support, brought that on a final stage for implement and start its first project from Kenya.

Now, PBI is in the course (as joint partners being holding 27% equity stake) for establishing an independent network of hospitals across major African cities.  Jointly identified site-specific locations for immediate roll-out include Kenya (Nairobi), Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam), Nigeria (Abuja), Ghana (Accra), and DR Congo (Kinshasa); Further initiatives will be quickly extended to Rwanda (Kigali), Nigeria (Lagos), Uganda (Kampala) and Morocco (Casablanca and Marrakech) where locations identified and discussions are on an advanced state for execution the project.

PBI aims to create a sizeable healthcare entity in Africa eventually comprising more than 20 hospitals and over 6000beds. As the roll-out is planned across different countries, all of which have a significant lack of healthcare while at the same time having an adequate propensity to spend on healthcare services, the project is to be established in the shortest time possible: multiple locations will be progressed at the same time.

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