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PBI has found an interesting opportunity in west africa telecom market and thus set up an investment arms by incorporating Shri Karni Investment, which is poised to become a leading Private Equity firm on the West African continent.


Africa as a continent, has a great ingenuity and is a breeding ground for upcoming entrepreneurs thus Shri Karni Investment will work with these start-ups by sharing it's resources and experience to build these companies. The Investment Company is eagerly looking for fair valued investment opportunities that hold the potential to benefits the continent and yield moderate returns.

in that investment and business development exercise through investment, The Investment Company has made further investment in The Environ Telecommunication Limited("ETL") by acquiring major shareholder stake in the ETL. The aim of this investment is to provide the best quality service for the wholesale and retail voice market by combining the latest technologies, teamwork, and experience to hold the highest position in the wholesale/VoIP market. To grow organically through the best approach that strives for excellence and to be honest and fair in its approach to business in the Telecommunication industry.

ETL has established government tie ups and waiting for a green signal from government to go for its 100% operation & fuctions.


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