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Precious Metals

PBI has a base in United Arab Emirate since its inception i.e. 2008. PBI is well versed and posses knowledge of growing commodity powerhouse in U.A.E. mainly in Gold & Diamond from Dubai. SHKHL has an established trading entity in a free zone of AJMAN of UAE which is known as "Shri Karni FZE". 


Gold has been a stable and growing commodity since the dawn of time and has shown great returns throughout all global economic unrest whereas U.A.E. being located in the center of Africa and Asia, gave teamandous opportunity in Gold and other commodities trading and helpted SKT to became a leading gold & commodity trading group in UAE with cliental network based throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

SKT is in a valuable position to unite the world’s largest gold producers and consumers. SKT utilizes PBI’s deep roots in Africa to procure refined precious metals for leading Jewellers across Asia.

On expansion of its trading ventures to producing company, SKT is exploring options to mine and refine Gold in Africa. The demand for Gold in Asia is growing at an unbelievable rate but the mining practices and refining standards in Central and Western Africa is/are well below the international standard. Thus looking to this opportunity gape SKT has intended to implement high-grade machinery to match African mined Gold to International standards by setting up a refinery.

SKT is also in dialougue to acquire larger stake of gold mine based out of west africa with proven resources of GOLD more then a million ounces.

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