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Renewable Energy - IPP

PBI believes that renewable power with no fossil fuel dependency and with strong government & regulatory support is a prudent business model to not only address the ever-increasing demand for energy but also to tackle the environmental concerns associated with conventional power sources.

PBI, The Investment company,  has centered its resources and capability towards the Renewable energy sector by investing into Global Green Energy & Power Corporation Limited. GGEPCL, headquartered in London, United Kingdom,  is a holding company for all clean energy assets of PBI located in India, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Liberia, Niger, & Serbia. Global Green Energy & Power Corporation Limited (GGEPCL) is a green energy platform with an explicit focus to Build, Own and Operate / Transfer (BOO & BOOT) clean energy projects in locations across the globe that are not only dominated by conventional energy with dependency on fossil fuels but also suffering from infrastructural challenges.

PBI has initiated through its renewable energy arms i.e. GGEPCL, to ultimately reduce the West African energy crisis. GGEPCL has identified projects which have the potential development opportunity as IPP upto 5000MW clean renewable energy in West Africa. The first of which is now on very advanced stage as flagship project based at Liberia. Pre-feasibility reports have been prepared for the premier 805MW hybrid Renewable project. This would be the first Independent Power Producer in Liberia, the Renewable Energy Project consist of 405 MW Hydro Power Projects and 400MW Solar FPV project with total project development cost of US$1,889.34Million. This project has its own Power transmission arms to distribute or transport produced energy.

Liberia Green Energy INC, (“LGE”) has been incorporated in Monrovia, the Republic of Liberia as a Special Purpose Vehicle with a core focus on sustainable energy projects. Liberia’s geographic location and heavy natural rainfall make a primes candidate for various renewable projects. LGE  is in the process of finalizing a Power Purchase Agreement with Ivory Coast under the framework of WAPP. 

Liberia is often referred to as a cousin of America due to its founding fathers being freed American slaves. This unique history has resulted in a governmental framework that mirrors America. Its remarkable growth in the past decade has proven Liberia to be emerging market and PBI, as an investment company, sees great potential in the nation.

PBI is developing flagship Hydro-Solar project in Liberia to combat the energy crisis which is rampant in the entire West African region.

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