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Panchariya Brothers Investment (Holding) Limited


Panchariya Brothers Investment (Holding) Limited ("PBI") was founded by Mr. Arun Panchariya in the year 2008 with a vision to become a globally integrated leading investment group.


PBI, The Investment Company, has achieved its vision by investing and developing business in many key sectors since then.

The Investment Company has a broad investment structure with complementary businesses. PBI optimizes economies of scale and creates external partnerships, which are enduring and open as their internal counterparts. PBI's global presence and reach allow it to make curial connections and tackle it's tasks with a holistic approach.

PBI's main objective is to invest & guide it's venture partner in emerging as well as upcoming emerging economies while working closely and co-operatively with its management to build long-term value and partnership. PBI has expanded business to Africa, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East by investing in various business segments, from which renewable is becoming more predominant.

PBI successfully got listed on BSE, a reputable stock exchange of Barbados, with a current market capital of US$ 440 million.

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