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Mr. Shailya Panchariya is a young generation's dynamic business personality, C.E.O. of Panchariya Brothers Investment (Holding) Limited, who graduated in Business Administration from American University. Post completion of his graduate degree, he joined his family office and started his business carrier with his family's multi businesses at a very young age. Mr. Shailya Panchariya got an opportunity to learn from the right platforms and human resources and accumulated experience in various areas such as Investment Advisory, Impact investment, Sustainable Investment, Media industry, and Project Finance. In his growing career, he has developed relationships across various industries, sectors, and geographies.


He has gained experience in Media Sector through  KSS Limited, a prominent media, movie production, and mini plex company in India, where he worked on a project to provide entertainment free of cost to Indian villages, apart from his overall learning in India's Media sector i.e. Movie Production, Movie distribution, Digital uplinking to theater, Software for TV Channels, etc... 

He has gained Non-Banking Finance Company business experience through an entity known as "MCF" - Licensed & Regulated By the Reserve Bank of India which was involved in financing activities in the Indian real estate market. That work experience made him learn about India's real estate market and the financing parameters for it.

He gained experience in international corporate Finance and Investment Banking business through The Global Finance & Capital Limited, an FCA-regulated investment banking firm in the UK. Through that platform, apart from his practical learning experience on PPP project finance, Financial Modelling, the importance of feasibility & Viability report for the project, negotiation of the concession agreement with the government, and negotiation on a finance term sheet with Multinational Banks, Multilateral & Bilateral institutions, he got access to the West Africa region and that made him understand future business opportunities lying in that region as well as the continent.

Post his learning experience, Mr. Shailya Panchariya independently started managing numerous renewable energy and Healthcare sector ventures of the Panchariya Group.  He is currently managing to invest significant capital into renewable energy and Healthcare sectors in the African continent. Mr. Shailya Panchariya has a keen desire and ambition to look at new projects, particularly in the African continent, where he has been extensively involved.


He is currently pursuing a distance learning program on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University, USA.

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